[SAY] A Tech NGO Enabling Virtual Families for Children


Hello everyone,
My name is Ehsan and I am here with Mostafa on behalf of team SAY.
I am a civil engineer but like many engineers, I am not working in this field. I left engineering to be able to contribute to the world and that’s how I got involved with NGO’s to find my solution to contribute the best. If you google “Nawranj” you can also find some information/photos about my NGO which I founded in my early 20’s. After a few years with my own NGO and also volunteering for many NGO’s such as irsprc.org, I realized two things:
1- We need tech in NGO’s
2-The way NGO’s working needs to be changed.

That’s why I founded my IT company Pendara which www.say.company and www.wikievent.net are the two social impact startups of this company.
We are here because of SAY which aims to match donors to children who have similar characteristics, personalities, trauma and wishes to the donors. By matching donors to children, they become the virtual family of a specific child and they take care of all the needs of a specific child from their daily needs such as providing them with foods to taking care of their education and dreams such as enrolling them in an art class. We have a beautiful team and are going to have our first version ready for the demo day.


Hey Ehsan and welcome, it’s a pleasure to have you guys from SAY here with us :slight_smile:

We are excited to see your venture growing and developing as part of the Starfleet!
Keep us updated!



Hello everyone,
My name is Mostafa( as Ehsan mentioned above). I currently hold the position of COO at SAY.
I have more than 12 years of experience as a Front-end and Back-end developer and about 2 years of experience in team leading and management.
I got to know about SAY around last year and when I heard the idea, I reckoned that by actively engaging in development and implementation of such platform, I could help achieve the goals that humanity has always strived for, such as peace and serenity. I never looked at SAY as just a job; but rather a means to satisfy my sense of responsibility towards humanity.
As a team member in SAY, I try to go beyond technical problem solving by creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere in which other team members feel safe and appreciated. I believe that only by preserving an organizational culture of mutual respect and fairness inside our team can we eventually project such an attitude in our work and towards the outside world.
I can say confidently that in the not so distant future, the impact of our work will be very much felt and heard by the whole world.


Welcome @mostafa_say, nice to have you here :slight_smile:


Hi, Mostafa! Hope to see you on the Demo Day - 11 april for the big pitch!


SAY makes Eshan’s heart sing! :notes::notes:


I really like your style guys (website artwork) :slight_smile: Also your idea, of course! I will be happy to become a virtual parent to a child, if I can be certain that that child will get the money/products I send.



Glad to be here and thanks for the warm message. :slight_smile:


ummm what do you mean?:thinking:


Thanks, Vlad. It means a lot to get great feedback like this from people and you will be on top of our list when our product is out :slight_smile:

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