Scam allegations and censorship


Hi to the aeternity team!

Earlier today there was a post with scam allegations posted on this forum. This was posted by a person that left the aeternity team last year, so take that post with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, this post was just removed from the forum. As a supporter of aeternity and openness in general (openness is obviously something the aeternity team is a believer of as well), I think it is outright wrong to censor this forum in this way.

This is the way that I as a supporter of aeternity expect these matters to be handled: answer each of the statements of the post by going in-depth on what aeternity is actually building, then we as readers will make up our mind on whether the person has a point or not.

This is not something you just sweep under the rug. By taking the “censorist” approach you will just hurt the project more, especially when the project is about openness and democratization!

I expect the team to answer these allegations in a grown up way. As all crypto projects are under scrutiny these days (as they should be!) it is expected that this is something that will happen in the future as well.


Hey mrbeety,

Thank you for the comment!

We are convinced that replying to emotional allegations will not result in a productive discussion.
Everyone has an opinion and is free to share it online. However, emotional (even spiteful) comments coming from former team members are not something we are interested in. Especially when this type of behavior has been observed in the past (before æternity and in regard to other projects). Moreover, we have Community Terms & Conditions which we are following.

We are also not convinced that there is a reason to go into depth regarding what we are currently building. We are doing that all the time. You can find this information in this Forum, website, in Wikipedia, blog, social media channels, Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, YouTube, blockchain-related & popular media and of course - GitHub & the Pivotal Tracker.

We also share detailed information on development progress on a weekly basis.

We recently published extensive FAQs so the æternity community and potential users interested in the project can quickly get a good idea about our work.

In this case, the grown up thing is to not do anything.

Thanks again.



We have forwarded your reply to the Chinese community!:狞笑:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply Vlad.

When I first read the now removed thread I thought a few points were brought up that I would like to see explained.

Then, after submitting this post I started looking at some of the content published by your former employee. I have to say I didn’t know it was that bad. So after reading some of the post published by this person, I think you are right, the best way of dealing with this is not dealing with it :joy:


I think the AE team should defend each scam allegations in the post by Zack.
If what he said is not right, why don’t you prove it wrong.
Simply saying that scam claim is naive won’t help anyway.


I still want to know whether the state channel are turing complete, or just payment channel.
Please give us a answear.


Yes, they will be. It’s currently in PR. More functionality will follow within the next sprint.