SELECTED: 10 amazing teams will join us in the next phase of æternity Starfleet


Hey everyone,

Check out æternity Ventures’ blog to learn more about the 10 most promising teams that have been selected to continue their Starfleet journey.

Last week, each of the participating teams had to pitch their idea for 5 minutes, followed by 3-minute Q&A sessions, during which the jury evaluated the projects.

The jury consisted of æternity Ventures’ partners and æternity core team members, whereas more than 600 people tuned in on YouTube to watch the teams in real time via live-stream.

Best regards,
The AE Team


Hey guys,
we are tip me and very proud to be among the top 10 chosen start-ups. Our Vision is simple: Imagine you could tip the people that made your product. You buy e.g. a coffee online and tip the coffee farmer directly. With our dapp you can boost salaries of workers by 250%. We have retailers, both big and small, waiting for our product and are part of the æternity Accelerator with very good chances of funding. We believe we can use the technology we have today to make globalization more fair, transparent and human.

If you like our vision, we are also looking for a developer/ product engineer that wants to be part of this vision.
JavaScript Fullstack w/ 3-6 years experience - enjoy learning & creating brand new things . big bonus: experience in E-Commerce and/or FinTec

We are very happy to be part of æ ecosystem and are looking forward to be in touch with you guys a lot!

Best wishes,

Jonathan Funke


Hey @JonathanFunke from Tip Me,

Thank you for this introduction.
It is nice to have you here on æternity’s forum.

Best regards,
The AE Team