Sending ae with python sdk aecli


I don’t see any option to set the fee, and more importantly, the script won’t fail if I try to send my total balance even if it can’t collect the fee from my account, which should not pass.

So what will happen with a transaction that can’t be mined because of this?
Since the blocks are mined every few seconds apart, what would need to be done?

here is the hash th_N9dax3ZL9iFeBrUrJSsov6HV7pSBuLzvUR8afgAjcN51XW43h

I Just sent the transaction again, and the new one went thru.
this time i deducted the fee from the amount, funny enough, the total is the same as before

So I don’t understand

Another edit, yeah, the lesser amount passed. Yay!


A transaction with insufficent funds will stay in the mempool until you get enough funds or it is garbage collected by the node.

You can “overwrite” a transaction by sending another one (with sufficient funds) with the same nonce.


I sent a new transaction which included the correct balance now. and it passed.

How long before garbage collecting? so I am sure not to double send the amount to the account.


Since that nonce is now “used” the other Tx will never go through… GC is set to 256 blocks I think…


Oh, yeah, they both have the same nonce, so i think i am safe! :smiley:


Thank you hanssv!

That was fast


One more question. when will it show in the base aepp? I see it in the explorer, the airwallet, aecli. but not on base aepp.

how do I tell it to update?


Sorry, I know nothing about the base aepp.


Hey @Kryztoval,

The æpps team will update us on the base æpp today, we’ll keep you posted.