Sign arbitrary data via Py SDK command line

there is a PR and an issue for the python SDK
that brings the ability of signing arbitrary data via command line interface.

The implications of providing such a feature have been discussed since long time in
the ethereum community and the EIP712 covers (among other things) this scenario.

Currently AFAIK, there is no AEX or default standard for such feature in the Aeternity community,
so I have implemented it porting the EIP712 recommendations to Aeternity using the forumla:

'\x19Aeternity Signed Message:\n' + str(len(message)) + message

Before merging I would like to hear if there are any comments to be made regarding this functionality

What do you think?

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I generally agree with the proposal, but it will be better of making an AEX for this and give some time for other SDKs to also implement and support this.

I agree with the proposal.

@noandrea We have the signPersonalMessage in JS SDK which is used by Waellet extension and the message is serialized in different way then your.
Should we agree on one schema before merging it?

sure, I’ll leave the PR open.
One important thing mentioned by @hanssv is that the message should be hashed before being signed
since the computing the signature is an expensive operation.

Also I remembered that there was an AEX, the number 8 , that approached the issue, but there is no conclusion yet about it.

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