Silesia Blockchain Meetup



I organize Meetup on Aeternity. Is it possible to help with that by making short presentation (or even links) why do you use Erlang and/or Elixir? Why that stack technology?



very interesting, we have couple team members in Poland including 2 in Katowice :slight_smile:
I also come originaly from Katowice :wink:

I will try to swing by. I think we can also post the link here and there.
Lets talk in couple days, we are now a bit busy with the fork.


First of all thanks for fast replay @michalzee. My plan was to tweet You but after a fork - I respect time of others developers and I know that now You are extremely busy.

It will be great to hear a presentation of why Erland in Aeternity. I and the Silesian community will be very grateful.


No worries at all, so far so good. Lets talk tomorrow.