[Solved]AirGap valut wont SIGN transaction!



I cannot sign a transaction from airgap wallet by airgap valut. As soon as I click sign transaction it asks for phones password . When entered correctly it asks again and again and again… its stuck there. What should I do ?


I removed the phone password and added it again which helped. Now Im not stuck on putting passwords in endlessly, but now the signing is loading endlessly… Also when I wanted to check my AE adress from ledger in https://explorer.aepps.com/ I get “Not a valid Block Hash/Height/Tx, an Account Public Key or an Æ Domain Name.”…


So if possible please leave your address ,so we can help check the status of your address why you got the feedback"ot a valid Block Hash/Height/Tx, an Account Public Key or an Æ Domain Name", thank you!


You can definitely use the https://explorer.aepps.com/ and the above website, their data is the same.
Stuck on signing transaction may have many reasons: phone‘s、the aepps setting, what I can say is the vault and wallet both works fine, should not have this issue.


Pascal from AirGap here. Your secret is saved in the secure storage part of you device, in order to get access you need to enter your device’s pin code/fingerprint/faceid. If the pin code/fingerprint/faceid is changed after you’ve setup your Vault and generated a secret, the secure storage is not being accessed with the same credentials als on secret creation. What you have to do is to import your recovery phrase again in AirGap Vault in order to successfully sign transaciotns again We’re aware that this needs to be handled better in terms of user feedback and are working on a solution. Hope this was of help for you, if you have any further questions, we’re always happy to help in our AirGap Telegram channel.


Are you kidding me right now Pascal? Why the hell would Valut become unusable after password change on your phone? I know its everyone’s responsibility to keep seed safely stored somewhere but seriously… People change that password constantly and you are just increasing their chances of loosing their crypto.


Hi Mark. Thnx for your help. I was finally able to transfer my ae coins. Can you please remove your comment with my AE address? Thank you very much.