[Solved] Call contract failed

I copied TicTacToe contract code and pasted it into https://testnet.contracts.aepps.com/.

It can be compiled and deployed successfully. But when I called make_move function, it failed as below:

Error: Invocation failed: _YXJpdGhtZXRpY19lcnJvci3L8ZY=

How to fix it? Thanks.

I debugged it and found something wrong with String.concat

It only supports the total length up to 32 characters, or it will result in error: arithmetic_error

That error indicates that you have been using an old compiler (pre-Minerva) and the new runtime system with safe math built-in.

If you use the new compiler this should not happen.

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So, you mean sdk-testnet is using old compiler, right?

It’s OK now. Must have been updated.

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