[Solved] Can't setup base aepp with Ledger

  1. Installed Ledger Live
  2. Updated to 1.55
  3. Installed aeternity app on ledger
  4. Following https://hackmd.aepps.com/s/rJ50IACAm
  5. Opened https://mvp.origin.aepps.com/#/

Got stuck at:

Connect an account to start

How to connect from Ledger

1⁄3 Connect your Ledger via USB and unlock it

2⁄3 Open the æternity app on your Ledger

3⁄3 Confirm your Ledger address

Tried connecting, disconnecting several times, restarted Ledger Live, etc.

Any idea how to confirm my Ledger address?

[EDIT] The issue was solved once I updated the usb drivers on Windows 7 for the USB input device according to this article



Can you please try using base.aepps.com instead of the origin URL?



Alright it worked on base.aepps.com but I had to do something else as well. It seems my Windows 7 had old drivers for the U2F to work. Needed to update my drivers according to this article on the official ledger website