[Solved] Migrated at Phase 0 with AirGap Vault Question



I have migrated my tokens on 21st Nov 2018. I got the .pdf saying I have migrated my X number of tokens in my Y address…But still today I can’t seem to find way to see those coins in my AirGap Vault.

  1. Do I need to do something else in the next migrations phases or should I simply wait for all the phases to finish and then my coins will be available?
  2. When will I be able to see my coins in the AirGap Vault (Not sure what this is used for)?
  3. I can see that AirGap Wallet is a different app in Play store. I haven’t installed it because I didn’t find such instructions in the migration process. Do I need to install in order to gain access to my AE tokens?



Hi, you are safe. The airgap vault is only storing your private key. They explain it on their website pretty well why (it is just more safe).

In order to see your balance and interact with the aeternity Blockchain you need to install the Airgap Wallet on your phone and link the vault with the wallet (it is pretty simple, i will post a video if you can’t make it).

If you have participated in the beginning your tokens are already available for you now.