[Solved]Why do some transactions fail?


Case in point, this transaction is taking a long time to go thru. I thought the idea of having 3s microblocks was so transacitons like those could be send and included really fast?

can anyone shed some light onto what is going on? This was sent at around block 27072



And there has been at least 2 empty blocks

So, why is the transaction not being picked up?


Ok, I see, there is not enough balance in the account to complete the transaction, I think this should fail faster.


The nodes are free to handle their mempools any way they like.

The reference implementation behavior is to drop a TX within a few blocks (5?) if the nonce is wrong or the TX is otherwise incorrect. For insufficient funds it is not deemed incorrect, and stays for a longer period (256 blocks?)…


and if there are suddenly funds do the transaction succeed ?


Yes, then the transaction succeed.


Ohhh, so if a transaction is blocked i can just deposit the TX fee amount and it will be freed, that is a nice feature.

Thank you hanssv!