[Solved] Why is miner shown differently on each node

When i’m doing the following command on my nodes


I get mostly similar data from my nodes in return, the only thing thats different is the “miner”
Are they all on different forks? Don’t think so myself but something is wrong here.

“prev_hash” “state_hash”“prev_key_hash” are the same on all riggs.
Also height is the same for all rigs
included screenshots

that endpoint is the proposed next block. in case the network has no miners there is always a candidate block there. so you are watching at a possible but not consensed* block. you should only look from top and below, looking at pending is not good because, well, it is just a proposed block in case nothing else shows up.

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Thanks for the clarification

That is utter nonsense I am afraid…

First lets clarify the purpose of this endpoint. This endpoint can be used to retrieve a candidate key-block, i.e. a keyblock that can be mined upon.

This key-block is tied to the node at hand, the reason for this is that the nodes use throw away key pairs for micro block signing. I.e. each node generates a key-pair, and adds the public key to the key block it is trying to mine. If the node is successful in mining the corresponding private key is used to sign the micro blocks. After a key has been used for a generation another one is generated. The benefit of this scheme is that you don’t have to keep the signing key very secure since it is only valid for one generation. The mining (+ fee) reward is sent to the beneficiary that is separate from the miner in the key block.


This is perfectly normal, and expected the answer to Kryztoval.

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that is what i tried to say, but I did so in not so nicely detailed way :smiley:

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thanks to the both of you =)

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