Someone can explain the Mainnet Launch problem?


Mainnet Launch has been postponed several times. Although many problems cannot be controlled during the software development process, how many unreasonable delays indicate that the team’s integrity is problematic. Seriously skeptical technical strength.



Thanks for the question. The delay is not caused by " problematic team integrity" or “technical strength”. We have some of the best developers out there with more than 100 years of experience. They have built extremely complex systems in the past and are currently doing it again. You can look at this Steemit blog post for some quick details on the experience of the some of the team members. Moreover, one of Erlang’s co-founders - Rober Virding, has been part of the team for months now and has been helping the team push progress forward.

The main reason for the delay is the implementation of Bitcoin-NG, which was not envisioned when the first Mainnet estimates were made. Bitcoin-NG has not been deployed in a PoW system and doing so means “sailing in uncharted waters”. It also comes with a number of security considerations, which are being addressed. Nonetheless, Bitcoin-NG and the on-chain boost it brings to the protocol, should significantly improve user experience when it comes to using æpps and æternity’s network in general. Transaction verification should be instantaneous of up to 100 tx/s which should allow æpp users to use decentralized applications as if they are centralized. Also, this boost in UX comes at almost no centralization cost to the network, which is immensely important.

Please be patient a while longer. I am confident that the first Mainnet iteration will be great :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


will Bitcoin NG implements failed?


Failed? No, it is currently being implemented.


why does AE need bitcoin-NG?
Can you explain?
And the TPS is rather slow, will it be higher in the futhure?


Hey, I did explain above. You can have a look at this. Slow for what? There is no TPS in state channels.


And can you tell me what does MR Virding mainly responsible for ? For varna development?
And about state channels, is that the state channel can only establish with Aeternity official Aepps?


Is there a specific date? A technical question makes the project postponed indefinitely. Do you think it is appropriate? Why can’t I first launch the main network and then gradually improve it? Because no matter how hard you can’t have a perfect system. When a perfect system is launched, many opportunities will be missed and the holder will lose confidence.


Hey, yes I agree. Everyone is looking forward to the Mainnet launch, but what is the Mainnet exactly? We can “launch” it at any time, even now. Why would this make a difference? There are constant updates on development progress that improve the æternity protocol on a weekly basis. The devs are working very hard. Many don’t realy realize that the Mainnet is a “marketing event”.

You are absolutely right, we cannot have a perfect system. However, we can do what is possible to create a secure, efficient system that can support the vision of æternity.


If the AE team cannot give a simple specific date for launch now, we doubt that if the team is capable of launching mainnet.
Several delays means that you guys have no confidence in launching it soon.
Stop saying that working hard and just see the pivotalracker, that won’t prove anything, but proving that you guys have no ideas about when launching


I think we should exercise some patience and understanding. Had this been a company trying to go public on the NYSE I think we would have seen and understood a substantial price drop… but the reality is æ is not a company looking to get on the stock exchange and has no regulation. We took a risk. æ is trying to debute a product based on technology that is revolutionary. I think the reason æ hasn’t engaged in traditional mainstream marketing is because they are well aware of the hurdles ahead of them and the inevitability of delays. This is the perfect time for these delays as everyone’s prices are low and FUD is everywhere. Instead of looking at whatever date it says on pivitol tracker, anticipate release for January. If they release before that… Merry Christmas, if they don’t, then go. But in the meantime, they are clearly focused on producing the best platform possible and not so much keeping the timeline accurate. If æ drops like EOS after mainnet ain’t nobody gonna be happy. One investor to another, buy some of this $1.11æ.:v:


I invested over 50k into this project so my gripe is the seemingly disregard for their seed investors and the nonchalant kicking of the can down the road with semi opaque reasons why. All Vlad has to do is say “Sorry we said the mainnet would launch in Q2-18, we lied :smiley:. We’ve added a bunch of new features that will improve the protocol and we think it’ll be one of the best platforms the world can offer. We have no release date, please check the pivotal tracker to track our progress”

But like you said they dgaf about their investors so :man_shrugging:t5:


Hey everyone,

As we’ve already mentioned, our team consists of world-class experts with years of experience in Erlang programming who bet their names and reputation on this project. Thus, they are willing to take some more time but to offer the best product possible at the end.

We are currently preparing a roadmap update that will be published shortly, so stay tuned.

Thank you for your continuing patience and support.

The AE Team


I really wish the team could estimate mainnet launch date as precisely as possible . We could understand delay but not endless delay.


If you guys don’t give a specific date this time, then there is no need to update.
There have always been delays for many times.
We run out patience!!!


I can’t agree with you anymore.


Guys, When a company is inventing new technology there are numerous hurdles that can’t be predicted. Most projects that are creating a new blockchain all have the same problem. This has caused the mainnet to get delayed that coupled with a bear market has people up tight and alot of money is being lost right now. If the price was still at $5 no one would care if mainnet was late. If you are a seed investor why didn’t you sell at $5??? I wish I would have, but only so I could take profit and could have bought 5 times more AE right now. You held now you have to wait for the market to go back up. Normally many people who hold through bear markets make more money if they hold. That being said you need to do whats best for your situation. Everything is frustrating right now, but think about how profitable it will be if and when they actually succeed. Just saying??? Have good day everyone and good luck


I understand the frustration, to some degree. Like the last comment touches on, how on earth do you think that a blockchain startup building a new blockchain from “scratch” can accurately predict when they will launch mainnet? It is not that simple, so stop complaining! That being said it would be nice with a updated roadmap from the team to get an estimated new launch date.

And for investing 50k in a blockchain startup is quite crazy in my eyes, I hope you already are a millionaire. This is basically the most risky/speculative investments you can do right now. The prices for all coins and tokens do not really have a floor. Depending on how this market develops, æ (and all other coins and tokens) can easily drop 90 %+ more, it is all 100 % speculation.

Not that it should matter on progress, but I think this is a really good time NOT to launch the mainnet. It would do absolutely nothing good for publicity or price in this bear market.


Anyone thinking that building a completely new blockchain can be accurately projected has been living under a rock for the last years.

It takes time and it needs to be done well or you might as well pack it in.

To take potshots at the project because you have insight into the timeline is absurd. There are plenty of projects that just say “soon, just wait” and offer no transparency at all. Just goes to show no good deed goes unpunished, I guess.

As to “not launching because of price, bear market, whatever”, I disagree. There is no project in the last 5 years that I know of that ever benefited either way from that kind of thinking.

Launch when you are ready. The market is way too uncertain to even calculate it into that kind of marketing think.

I for one am quite happy with the way things are going in the project for now. If you get a good product by 2020, it’s all good to me.


Of course they should not wait because of “bear market”! What I meant was just that the delay funnily coincided with the recent rapid decline of prices.

I agree with what you’re saying. Way too many impatient people only thinking about $ in crypto right now, as people using the name “moon” are showing. However, things are probably going to stay speculative in this market for years to come. Besides Bitcoin there is not too many use cases where you really need blockchain, a centralized database often suffices. Long term I think platforms like æternity will provide great value, it’s just that it is very difficult to predict right now.