Someone can explain the Mainnet Launch problem?


I agree, an interoperability is going to be very important as I believe there will be many protocols that will make it and thrive and eventually they might to connect to make something amazing kinda like the internet made up of many protocols. So as someone said that why to we need to be compatible with bitcoin and eth. Just a thought though I could be wrong.


Hey all,

Thank you for your support and understanding.
It is true that building such a revolutionary project takes a lot of efforts and time.

So we count on you to be patient for a little bit longer.

Best regards,
The AE Team


Just a note of support, many of us are well aware of the challenges the Aeternity team has tackled and the quality of the work you are doing.

I personally invested well over “50K”, use my Aeternity branded Ledger Nano S daily, and look forward to seeing my sig in the genesis block.

Stay the course, go team Aeternity!