Starfleet India discussions

Hi guys and gals, lets go through all 13 starfleet india participants and say what you think. I must say so far this group has huge potential. So for today, lets start at Linqed.

Will have to get more insight but like the idea at the moment. Buying second hand cars are always tricky, you dont know who owned it, how many owners it had, was the clock turned back, does it have full service history etc. So this is a real blockchain usecase, somewhere where people an find trust in what they are buying. So of you start at the life of the car and at every interval record whatever happens on the blockchain then it will be a changer for the industry.


Thanks for opening up this thread @Whyarewehere42.chain

Everyone! come and share your opinions about the #StarfleetIndia teams

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Hey @Whyarewehere42.chain, it’s really nice of you to start this discussion.

Some of the Starfleet India teams already presented themselves here in the Forum -
among them are QuillTrace:

And Gofinito:

Let’s use this opportunity to ask them questions :slight_smile: