Starfleet India - Introducing the Mentors

As the beginning of the 4th edition :india: of our Global Accelerator for Blockchain Startups approaches, it is time to acquaint you with the all-star team of Mentors and Lecturers.


Today, we want to introduce to you Ravi Vyas - an early-stage startup veteran & a serial entrepreneur who will introduce the new wave of Starfleeters to the Lean Startup Methodology and set a solid foundation for the knowledge they will gain during the Genesis Week.


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Introducing the mentors series continues with the second mentor from India!

Meet Mr. Shrinath V - a brilliant trainer, startup mentor, and product coach. His specialty is Product, Marketing and Design and his workshop on Value Proposition will be from tremendous help to the Blockchain startups invited to participate in the Genesis Week.


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Introducing the Mentors of the Genesis Week continues with the VP of Product at Springworks (previously SpringRole) - Mr. Shivhari Shankar.

He has brought multiple products from 0 to traction and he will conduct a workshop on Building Business Models for the Blockchain startups during the Starfleet India Genesis Week.


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Hello everyone,

Here’s a list of the rest of the Starfleet India mentors: