Suggestion: Photos rotation on


Suggestion: Photos of every one from the team ( can rotate every day, so everybody from team have the chance to be on the top. :slight_smile: Thoughts?


Haha. An interesting proposal. Actually I have been on the first and second rows for the most part of 2017 :slight_smile: I don’t mind occupying a lower position on the website now.

The website is being re-designed currently so maybe this can be incorporated. Will forward the idea to the designers.


haha, ti si very good


Thank you,

looking forward if it will be implemented :slight_smile:


it is time to re-designed the website and come out online with the mainnet。i glad to hear that team have the plan,let see


How about figure relationship diagram.
No limit to the AE dev team.

So that all we can be involved


Can we use this feature on other websites like iphone error 4005 where this rotation feature would be very useful ?? Also, advice on how to do it and how much time will it take ???