The æternity Starfleet 2 Winners are HERE!


Hello everyone,

We are extremely happy to announce the Winners in the second edition of the Starfleet incubator :star_struck::unicorn::rocket:

Here they are - meet Abend (@Tim_Abend), HomePort (@zd_sat1), Cryptotask (@CryptoTask) and Cryptic Legends (@panco)!!!

Congratulations, guys and welcome to our big æternity family!

Ready for this exciting journey?


So glad to be a part of æternity family!
This is a just start of an amazing journey!
Looking forward to the next steps


Congratulations guys @panco @Tim_Abend @CryptoTask The fun part is just starting


Thanks a lot and big congrats to all winners!
Also - mad props to the whole æternity Starfleet team, great job with organisation.
Let the adventure begin!


Big congratulation guys! Welcome aboard


Hey again,

Here’s some more information about the winning teams and photos from the Demo Day event in Sofia:

We are so happy about our growing æternity family!

@panco / Cryptic Legends team - tell us more about your event in Dubrovnik, how did that go?



Hey everyone,

Actually it was me and Dušan that went to Dubrovnik.

It was the largest game developer conference in the region, we had a boot in the indie expo. We got in touch with a lot of our peers and collected valuable feedback. We met with publishers and discussed future steps. Will keep you guys in the loop.

By the way, that’s a great article!


Wow, thank you @anemanja! Great job! Share some photos if you have any, I am sure it was an exciting event :wink: