THE attitude of the AE team

In my opinion, the Chinese community has provided a lot of financial support for the AE team in the early stage, so it is necessary and obligatory for the team to give back to the Chinese community. The current attitude of the team is to give up the Chinese community and focus on the development of African communities. In the blockchain industry, AE is the Ethereum of Africa, which is a sad thing.
Recently, China is facing the most severe virus challenge ever, and all blockchain communities are taking action. For example, in the early morning of February 7, Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower of the epidemic, died of pneumonia due to infection of the new crown, which made countless people feel sorry. Later, someone built a monument for Dr. Li Wenliang on the Ethereum blockchain, with the block height of 9432824.
And what is AE team doing as plundering a lot of wealth from China? They chose silence. Last year, when there was turbulence in Hong Kong, China, AE team went to speak actively.
As far as I am concerned, I don’t care about our money to make team members become millionaires and to be on the Forbes rich list. What I care about is the attitude of AE team and the attitude towards all human beings to improve the life of all human beings. This is the significance of blockchain and the original intention of our investment in AE token.



Hey @qwe550424707

I can assure you that China is a major focus for the AE team and we are all quite worried about the crisis the Chinese people are currently experiencing. We’re very sorry about what happened with Dr. Li Wenliang.

The wellbeing of all people around the world is what has always driven this community forward. We are currently working on ways to support Chinese people in this difficult time.


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I totally agree with you and we are very open to support the Chinese community. We need more people that suggest things we can do. We are willing to support developer tutorials or meet-ups.

Please suggest something and apply for (financial) support via the aeternity foundation or suggest something here in the forum that we could/should do.

We already support @LiuShao with and also @LiuYang.chain with - if you have more Chinese projects that you think need support, please let us know!


The memo of Dr. Li was posted by the community guys already in the first time, you could check it here: