The Indian Meetup 13

Meetup 13
Date: 18 August 2019
Number of Attendees: 23

Key points:

1: What is Digital Currency?
2: Crypto Currency and Blockchain are different!
3: What potential does the Blockchain have in the upcoming world
4: What is AE?
5: Why Æ?
6: Other existing blockchains in the market.
7: Smart Contracts!
8: State channels
9: Oracles
10: æmbassador program
11: educational program

This meetup was organized at Regency Plaza in my city. The people who attended the meetup were of the age group 17-25

I started the meetup with a question!
What is digital currency?

I got a lot of answers, some of which included: ‘Money that is online’ | Paypal | Bitcoin etc. We discussed how digital currency is taking over the banking industry and the monetary things in this world to a very new level.

Then I started with the basics of Blockchain as always because I feel before anything the audience must get a 10 min introduction of what a blockchain is because you never know who knows about blockchain.

Once done with blockchain, I smoothly pounced on to æternity and made them understand that æternity is the best one of the available blockchains in the market.
I told them that aeternity has taken all the best features from all the existing blockchains in the market and tried to eliminate the flaws.

I then told them about one of my favorite topics, State channels which were as always the best and the most loved topic by the attendees and I took a few examples on state channels.

I concluded the meetup with and it was something which was loved by all the people and everyone was convinced to take lectures online on

In short, the meetup was productive and all of the attendees learned something new about a very amazing blockchain platform, æternity.

All glory to God

And thanks to ætenity

Here is the link to all the pictures and the videos from the meetup!

Please leave a like and comment on how I can make myself better in doing the meetups and all feedbacks and suggestions are welcome!


Great to see so many young people interested in æternity :slight_smile: How many of them do you think will finish a course on dacade? It would definitely be good to see more development talents coming from our Indian community :muscle:

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