The mining difficulty increases proportional to the price


There was only about 1 million sol two days ago. When the price grows 30%, the mining difficulty now get up to more than 1.4 million sol.


Hey @xiahui135

The price can only incite more people to mine but it is not directly related to the mining difficulty.



Yes, that is the point.
So BTC is the most secure public blockchain in the world for now.


Beepool 66,1 % …damn…that’s not good


BTC is safer then Aeternity, indeed, but it is not the safest blockchain. Especially not in design.


You are right, it is not in design. But the market cap success make it. If the market cap is high, other problem will be no problem.


In fact bitcoin improves security via supply rules, not only by tech.

Be fair and transparent, no pre-mine, limited supply, let everyone can access, is the key to mass adoption. This improved the security of bitcoin network.