The Starfleeters we selected to continue in phase 2


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Yesterday, 17th of March, was the last day of the Genesis week of Starfleet 2 and the teams pitched their ideas before our jury!

We have selected 8 out of 14 startups that continue in the Acceleration Stage of the program powered by æternity Ventures! Find out who they are here:

Thy lucky teams will now embark on a four-week journey of mentorship and further uncompromising training. The culmination of the program will happen on April 11th, 2019, when we will choose the finalists! Stay tuned! :raised_hands::clap::zap:

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it’s 8 startups or 7?


Well there are 8 described in the article… sooo i guess it’s 8 :slight_smile: