Top block doesn't match SDK-TESTNET Explorer


Hi Just wondering if this is normal, or I am looking at the wrong match up.

I run:

curl http://localhost:3013/v2/blocks/top

the height eventually seems to be a few numbers ahead of

I dont have any peers set in my config. I assumed it defaults to SDK-TESTNET ?

thanks for any info !


Hey @ryanprice,

Our dev team is currently looking into that.
We’ll keep you updated.



@ryanprice Epoch node joins UAT not SDK-testnet by default.


ahh ok that explains it. So adding


to my config will get me on the same network as the explorer… ok looks like its working… the height matches now lol.

Does this network reward blocks with tokens ? I see the wallets have zero balances.


Yes it does. But that network has faucets running that you may use to top up.


For the ROMA release. I grabbed the new 1.0.0 epoch. Do I need to set any peers in the config to sync to the ROMA Mainnet ? right now with no peers entry, it does not look like it’s syncing to the correct network


Hey @ryanprice,
Your question has been answered in this thread.



Just make sure you don’t have an old DB around, and that your epoch.yaml points to the correct network_id - ae_mainnet (and not ae_uat if you have previously been connected to the testnet).