[TraDEXsocial] Starfleet Project Introduction and Updates 1.1


Hello All! This is a short introduction of TraDEXsocial!

The goal of TraDEXsocial is to lower the barrier for regular people to enter the blockchain world and trade by making better financial decisions without any previous experience. Our product is a software blockchain platform combining a miner (which is #buidl specifically for mobile devices and laptops), a wallet and an exchange with copy-trading features.

Lets start with mining - one part will be based on the cuckoo cycle PoW system used by Aeternity blockchain, that allows mining on any smart device without killing it. We are focusing on research and are looking for the most efficient ways to tackle mobile mining as we believe it would be a key component in the future of blockchain. The wallet is also connected to a crypto exchange where users can copy the most successful traders and maximize their profit. We are building a trademark ranking algorithm consisting of several Key Performance Indicators listing the profitable traders in the most suitable order.

The ultimate goal is to create a bridge that will easily guide new people through their blockchain experience from the first steps into maximizing the users’ assets. Collecting, analysing and implementing the results of all the valuable data regarding the behaviour of new customers entering the crypto space is a crucial part of the TraDEXsocial project.

So far we have secured 3 angel investments and funding from Aeternity Ventures via Starfleet 1. We have managed to establish 8 key partnerships. And we are weeks away from launching the alpha version of our prototype where key features of the TraDEXsocial platform will be operational.

More info @ http://www.tradexsocial.com and all our accounts in the Social media.

Instagram: instagram.com/tradexsocial/
Twitter: twitter.com/tradexsocial/
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/tradexsocial
Telegram: t.me/TraDEXsocialChannel

[TraDEXsocial] Starfleet Project Introduction and Updates
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UPDATE: Technology behind TraDEXsocial:

The TraDEXsocial prototype is built on ASP.NET Core and Javascript technologies. The server side platform makes use of Microsoft SQL databases, hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The client-side layer is based on modern Javascript frameworks.

The platform integrates with the WeiDex decentralised exchange via secured HTTP services with API calls.

TraDEXsocial systems are backed up for point-in-time recovery and long-term retention. All software development is performed on isolated development, staging and production environments.

Achieved in the last 8 months:

  • VAT registered EU company
  • New CTO acquired – Radi Atanassov and partnership with development company – OneBit Software (a subsidiary of Progress)
  • Experienced and known Chief Technical Advisor added to the project – Andrew Anderson (with 7 years of experience in the blockchain field)
  • Brand new design of the product with experienced UI/UX designers – AgencyHype
  • Formed a partnership with a working decentralized exchange - WeiDex
  • Created a bounty campaign with Crowdholding
  • Developed a Token Economics strategy together with Belayer investments
  • Grown the team working on the project
  • 3 surveys done: with more than 400 potential users in more than 20 countries confirming product usage hypothesis within the targeted emerging markets
  • CEO Yulian Asparuhov* became a worldwide blockchain Ambassador for Aeternity
  • 2 iterations of the platform prototype. Minimum viable product Alpha weeks from official launch consisting of crypto miner simulation, wallet and a working exchange with 3 trading pairs
  • Applied for a grant for major problem solving research – Efficient crypto mobile mining
  • Additional funding campaign initiated with clear vision, roadmap and budget allocation


Thank you for this update @yasparuhov!
Keep up the good work!