[TraDEXsocial] Starfleet Project Introduction and Updates


Hello All! This is a short introduction of the TraDEXsocial project!

We are giving the people an integrated platform where they can easily mine and trade cryptocurrency because almost all people enter the blockchain environment via mining or trading!

In more detail we are combining a web-based mining client with a copy trading module on a decentralized crypto exchange.

The mining part is based on the cuckoo cycle PoW system used by Aeternity that allows mining on any smart device without killing it.

The mining wallet is also connected to our exchange where you can copy the most successful traders and make profit.

We use a trademark ranking algorithm consisting of 14 Key Performance Indicators. We are currently building it with the help of one of the best Forex copy trading companies on the market.

The ultimate goal is to create a complete crypto ecosystem that easily guides the newcomers from the first moment they enter the blockchain to maximizing their profit on our copy trading exchange.

So far we have secured 3 angel investments and funding from Aeternity. We have managed to establish 8 key partnerships. Most recently TraDEXsocial got selected for the second round of the first cohort of the decentralized blockchain incubator - Aeternity Starfleet!

More info @ www.tradexsocial.com and all our accounts in the Social media.


Hey @yasparuhov and welcome TraDEXsocial!
Nice to have you on æternity’s forum.

Best regards,
The AE Team


Tremendously promisory project indeed!

We’re connecting you to our other Ambassadors through Fb - Awesome to be in touch in so many channels!

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What happened with the teams from the first Starfleet batch?

Hi everyone! We have updated and created a new TraDEXsocial topic. You can find it here: