Transaction problem

Hello. I transferred the AE coin to my wallet in three days ago. 1500 confirmations are required, but during this time the number of confirmations has not changed. Can you please tell me how long to wait for the receipt of coins to my account? Does AE always take so long to translate?

thanks to all who are not indifferent

contact them through live chat. They will manually confirm your deposit.


I have this issue also, thanks for the gate live chat advice

Hi! I have the same issue… in 1 day it takes 480 confirmations …
How long I have to wait for the transaction to be completed? could you help me?

Thanks for the support!

You will need to wait for 1500 confirmations and then ideally submit a support ticket instead of live chat, that works more efficiently with from what I’ve heard.

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Same here and i want say they are stupid support what i was see in my life.