Try to transfer AE token from my AE Wallet and give error


Good afternoon, I tryed to transfer my AE token from AE wallet to binnance and went try to syncronize with vault gave and error message that cannot sync with vault, I tryed to recovery my wallet by input my secret and vault generated a brand new addres

My OLD wallet address is : OxC5aBAE352007fcD5521ccB7Ed908a255aCd3779A
My NEW Wallet address IS: ak_WG33xxoYsjrCE9XVSKowgYCUNa995B95erVsvw9htbCzxzYK5

On the AE Wallet APP still showing the balance of 1750 nut I´m not able to transfer anything because everytime I try give me this error message


I don’t understand. one seems to be an ethereum/erc20 address and the other one seems to be an a eternity address.

You can’t move ae-tokens onto ae directly. you need to migrate them and wait for it to be included.


The old address that appear there is from the Air Gap wallet app, I can send you a print screen if you want



the new address that appears with the same secret is:


yeah, you have to migrate it according to the

But phase 0 just finished a few days ago. you need to wait for the new synchronization to be completed. Read it carefully. a bunch of people had issues migrating their balance because the instructions are partially complex.


Can I transfer my AE ECR token to binnance?


I would like to sell my AE token to buy another coin, is that is possible or not?


Yes. you should be able to do that. your ae is AET, as in Aetertnity Erc20 token and you will need to send it to 0x addresses.


Seems like a particularly bad time to sell since mainnet just launched. but as you wish.


But this is the problem, I tryed to transfer some to my Binnance AE account, is the Airgap wallet is giving me and error code and the transaction doesn´t go
How should I proceed to fix this error?


Now I have two different address for the same recovery phrase and the two app airgap wallet and airgap vault doesn,t sinc.


in your original question you were sending from a 0x address to an ak_ address, you can not do this because those are not the same thing.

Your tokens are on ethereum. I don’t know airwallet since I never had erc20 on it. but you should check if binnance has an 0x address for ae tokens and also check in airgap how to transfer erc20 tokens


Sorry men but you are not understanding, as I show in the previous message (pictures), I have on the aeternity airgap wallet app two address: One is AE ERC 20 token and the other is AE token (The last one was creted when I was trying to recover my addres by input my secret on Vault app) When I try to transfer my AE ECR 20 token to my AE token binnance account, I getting and error message from AE Airgap wallet, and I cannot complete the transaction.
How can I fix this problem?


When I input the secret to recovery my wallet, generate the new address.


This is my ballance


airgap is based on 2 apps. airwallet and airvault.

airvault contains the secrets.
airwallet contains the public addresses and balances.

You can’t spend the money in your wallet without the vault app


this says you don’t have any key in airvault that corresponds to this wallet.



I am not sure what you are doing but:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of AirGap Vault
  2. Add some ETH to the AE ERC20 account. To move ERC20 AE tokens, you need to pay gas in ETH. Add 2-3 USD worth of ETH to the address where you have your AE.
  3. Transfer the AE to either MetaMask or a wallet in MyEtherWallet (create new wallet or use a hardware wallet). You can also transfer the remaining ETH to this wallet, because you will need it for paying the fees.
  4. Start migration using the migration web page, but first watch the video guide (depending on whether you are using MetaMask or MEW).

Have in mind that if you migrate now, your coins should become available on the live network sometime in Februrary, 2019.

Let me know.



haha, AE-ERC20 is totally different currency from AE. They are on different blockchain, so you may lost your token when you try to send from one to another.

You just need to migrate the AE-ERC20 to AE. Just follow the steps from