[Update] Week #2 (Karol Skocik)

Last few weeks were dedicated to following tasks:

Offline GC implementation - for nodes who wish to perform garbage collection (compaction of mnesia db dir) on stopped node. This means running GC from any micro block, without accessibility to other nodes. While the idea is generally implemented it needs more work to stabilize.

2-phase GC stability testing - running GC very extensively on every 3rd key block, over longer period of time (3 days batches), inspecting logs, investigating issues. This testing is not yet finished, we need to reach stability over longer period (6 days min).

Middleware code review for takeover - current middleware in Rust will become Core Plugin in Elixir running in the same VM as node. While middleware plugin in beging developed, we want to keep aeternal.io running (and keep front end unchanged).

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so the middleware will be provided as elixir-plugin running only in combination with fullnode but for the general public in order to use the middleware api you will still host it on:

is that correct?

Yes, place stays the same, we will try to find a way how to minimize disruption for the consumers of the middleware.

is there a place where we can track the progress regarding the middleware-plugin?

please communicate it early enough before you switch die implementation if there will be some breaking API changes.

if possible please provide an OpenAPI or swagger specification for the API :slight_smile:

There will be a summary written on Friday, with suggested scope of work which needs to be specified and agreed first, it’s best to follow this thread for announcements: https://forum.aeternity.com/t/proposal-customized-node-packages/5746

we (regular) users have no access on that thread

Right, we will announce any changes in this area (stopping of the service, compatibility changes, …) in a public place.

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