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Schedule for 15 weeks

This project includes the generation of version 2 of Cash-Flag which will run on Aeternity.

The technical team of the project is made up of 3 people, Máximo Sojo, Francisco Herrera and Luis Rodríguez, each will work on one layer of the application.

In parallel, the commercial team works on branding and promotion strategies while the financial team works on defining strategies and procedures for managing working capital.

All three teams will continue to support the current version until the release of the new version.

The technical team has distributed the work as follows:

  • Francisco: application layer, front end, construction of the UI and PWA.
  • Maximo: technical leader of the project, middle layer, API development that will allow communication to and from the database and Aeternity.
  • Luis: data layer, back end, transactions in database and Aeternity, sophia and SQL, smart contracts, state channels and oracles.

Week 1 Update:

  • Francisco: Definition and documentation of the application flow.
  • Maximo: Elaboration of the project schedule, product backlog and general definition of the API.
  • Luis: Definition of the data flow of the application, documentation of requirements, construction of a library to create AE accounts, check balances and carry out transactions for merchants and platform partners.

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Weeks 2-3 Update:

We have had some delays in the updates, but the work has not stopped, this week we will do two updates.

Máximo - API Backend:

  • Partner: Commissions, coupon generation, coupons received by customer, coupon transfer, coupon exchange
  • Users: Password recovery

Francisco - API integration:

  • Partner: Commissions, coupon generation
  • Users. Password recovery, Show the user with the session started in the topbar, profile and where the user data is displayed
  • Users: Load the profile forms with the real user data, they are currently empty

Luis - Integration of Aeternity SDK and other strategic actions:

  • Creation of wallet, prepaid card recharges from external wallets, consumptions within Cash-Flag with prepaid card and payments outside of Cash-Flag to other Aeternity wallets
  • When affiliating each affiliated business and each partner will automatically have an aeternity wallet to carry out recharge and consumption transactions in Cash-Flag, this wallet can be used to receive and send money to and from other wallets, we will also incorporate a swap service to allow any user (member or not of Cash-Flag) convert other cryptocurrencies in Aeternity to be used on our platform or withdraw money to other currencies
  • Image of the prepaid card:
  • In the commercial area, we prepare a brief brochure and have an agenda to begin attracting businesses for the platform

Week 4 Update:

Máximo - Backend - API Development:

  • Commerce: redeem coupons
  • Partner: list of cards
  • Partner: recharge prepaid cards

Francisco - Frontend - API integrations

  • Partner: API coupon listing
  • Partner: Coupon transfer API
  • Partner: Coupon transfer API
  • Partner: coupon redemption API
  • Commerce: redeem coupons

Luis - Backend Aeternity

  • Finished the wallet to receive and send money from the premium card
  • implementation of the swap to recharge the Aeternity premium card from other cryptocurrencies.