UTU Technologies just won Startup World Cup!


Hey everyone,

We are quite excited to share that UTU Technologies – part of Starfleet 2018 accelerator, is the winner of Startup World Cup at the Trescon Global AI Show :rocket::zap::sparkles::dizzy:

UTU Technologies not only took home the cup but gets the chance to pitch their startup at the grand finale in San Francisco in May 2020 and with $1M.

Congratulations to you all at UTU, we’re proud of you :relaxed::blush::blush:



Congratulations to you all at UTU!!! All the best for you.


Thank you so much!

Though 2 small corrections:

  • We have won the regional championship, the world cup winner will be determined at the SF event where we will compete.
  • We participated with UTU Technologies, not UTU House; the 2 entities are related but different. (I’ve also informed bitcoink, from whose article this mix-up originated, about this.)


Congratulations guys,
Love from Iran
(Currently Berlin :sweat_smile:)


Thank you for those corrections :slight_smile:


Congratulations! You are building a great community there! Keep up the good work!


Thank you :slight_smile:


We root for you! :slight_smile: Keep us posted!


Jason for president! Great idea and great presenter, keep the good work guys!