Video Interviews with Grants Recipients

Hello everyone!

Here you will find a collection of video interviews from the foundations’ grant recipients.

The interviews will be held by @pegah.chain. She kicked-off this series with Tino Breddin!

Tino is currently working on extending the core team’s feature development through the following efforts:

(1) Existing core features will be refactored to incorporate the experience gathered using/running them in the mainnet. Eligible core features (e.g. possibly mempool) will be identified and prioritized in collaboration with the core team. Refactoring focuses on keeping feature-parity and as such backwards-compatibility while improving the feature’s production-readiness. Such changes may improve performance, maintainability and reliability of the respective core feature.

(2) While core feature development is rapid, new features are often complex and require easy-to-use demos to be approachable for users (e.g. state channels). Therefore, demos need to be developed in collaboration with the team creating a feature, the SDK team and other teams (depending on the feature). This work intends to offload the core team by taking over the interfacing to other teams and developing respective demos such that the core team can continue improving the feature itself or take on new core features. Both work efforts require close collaboration and communication with the core team. Supporting core feature development with focus on production-readiness and demoing.

Tino is also pitching in his time and expertise to work on State Channels for the upcoming hard fork (Lima Release) and beyond as well as updating the community on the development progress in State Channels regularly in the forum.

All updates are also shared on the blog:


Next interview is up with one of æternity’s core protocol developer and foundations’ grant recipients Karol Skočik!

@skkw has been working mainly on a garbage collector for account state data.

He will have a talk about it at the upcoming æternity Blockchain meetup in Sofia on the 3rd of December. So feel free to join if you’ll be around in Sofia!

Links to public meetup event: