Virtual Meetup 3

Meetup 3
Number of attendees ; 9
date; 26/08/2019
Key points

  1. Blockchain beyond Digital currencies
  2. Aeternity star fleet accelerator programmes
  3. Project models on Star fleet programme
    4.Dacade course

The meet up was organized using Zoom call . A total number of 9 people attended, four out of the nine were new members. The basics of Blockchain was briefly discussed for almost 5minutes while i dwell on the topic Blockchain beyond digital currencies, how much value the blockchain ecosystem can deliver aside from digital currencies use case. other use cases discussed are
1.settlement of dispute in the property ownership ecosystem ; land, real estates valuables
2.Data monetization by real owners of data
3.content creation and real value
The Aeternity star fleet accelerator program was also largely dwelt; on the following was discussed, 1.what the program is all about
2.what is needed to be part
3.what is the program is looking out for
4.what the project has to offer
Also, there was a peek view on projects currently on the star fleet program, use cases of these projects were discussed briefly.
Also the last but not the least, the dacade learning platform and ambassador program was briefly discussed as well. The link to the Video coverage of the zoom call can be found below


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