Virtual Meetup for African region (Tanzania,Ghana,cameroon, south africa

On 15/09/2019 I organised anoother Virtual meetup with audiences from african countries such as Tanzania,Cameroon, Ghana,south africa. This the succession of the last meet up. Three potential ambassador from Tanzania, south Africa and Ghana by the names Makessa,chad lewis and Okwuraku Favor were on the spot light. The gave introductory Knowledge about Blockchain, Aeternity project, smart contract. This Edition is of virtual meetup is to test there individual knowledge about the blockchain space and prepare them for the possible ambassador role in their communities. The link to the video can be found beneath ;


Interesting format. Thanks for the link. Are you also doing virtual meetups on other topics?

you welcome, there will be virtual meetups on other topics soon, once the series is completed.

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Good job. More people needs to know about Aeternity and blockchain