We just need a few currency, but we need millions of stocks


I don’t think ICO have future, because the world only need several currency. Most of the coin will fail and only several can survive finally. It is just like human only need 3 metal to be main currency in the past thousands of years.

But the world have millions of company and they all have stock which need to be traded. If we can establish a rule for these stocks to trade, AE will be popular for sure.

And to make AE be the currency to trade these stocks, these company need to make its shares on Aeternity blockchain. And to protect investors, all deals of these company need be on-chain. So the dividend can be auto executed. We can call these company “TAO”, transparent autonomous organization.


And stable coin is important for the trades.


Don’t be too pessimistic, everything is just begin. Practice is the sole criterion for testing theory, just build something first, build something…


think firstly before you do something.