We need some kind of Meme with AE

I propose AE team to create a nutrient-rich envrionment for creaters, influencers, developers and investors or other internet douchebag hipsters can produce funny AE Meme(or ‘Maeme’) to make AE widely known.

I wish, that I can meet some funny meme which is related with AE like doge coin at public onlie spaces such as 4chan or reddit in the near future.

For brief brainstorming, making an BBS or putting bounty on that or openning NFT market can be a way.

If you can control it, the result will be pretty good.


I think it would be great to have people create memes as NFTs using our new AEX-141 standard: AEXs/aex-141.md at master · aeternity/AEXs · GitHub

Agree here.
I think the classic marketing seems boring in blockchain/crypto/NFT world.

One way could be hire a person of role called ‘Memethropologist’

The other idea is to make Meme competitions on Discord or so as this would create some buzz. This could be fun .]

Those memes does not have to be minted at the begining. Plain jpg would do the work of building some community and fun around.

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