Wearing a mask and reducing the need to go out

@yani.chain @emin.chain @albena.chain @vanessa.chain It is well known that coronaviruses have spread throughout the world. Don’t underestimate this coronavirus. Many people in the world have already died from it. As an AE investor, I wish members of the AE team to protect themselves. Wearing a mask and reducing the need to go out, especially the members of the AE team in India, I am very worried about your safety. There may be a large number of patients in India that have not been announced. In short, protect yourself.


Hey @Da_Shu,

Thank you very much for your concern. We took the necessary measures and most of the AE team is working remotely from their homes. I am sure the AE Ventures team currently in India are also protecting themselves. We are worried about the coronavirus as well and your warning goes for everyone here - please follow the medical specialists’ instructions, wear a mask when possible and be safe!



@albena.chain I saw news that Ethereum developers were infected with coronavirus. Things seem to be moving in a bad way. Protect yourself.

Oh that’s really bad news :frowning:
I hope everyone is recovering fast.