Week #25 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update

This week there are live updates from several community members which will also provide short written updates here in the forum.

@nikita-fuchs on AEX, Improvements in the Protocol
@noandrea on SDK and Middleware work
@daniela.ivanova on SDK work
@MartinG on Contract Development Kit and aepps
@pegah on aepps and technical support
@r0b0t0 on browser wallets and AEX
@emil on AEX
@stoyan_ae on Base Wallet
@silentser on Protocol
@dincho on SRE works

and @emin moderating it.

Please ask questions if you have some. We will discuss them in our next call. More updates will follow the next few days.


just few general suggestions regarding these updates:

  • in this call the quality was quite good. but you should generally try to improve quality of the video. sometimes there are lags from 2-8 seconds and some people are really difficult to understand
  • please provide some information and links in the description that point directly to a certain topic (not all topics are interesting for all people)
    • e.g.:
      3:42 forgAE
      5:70 Elixir SDK

Yes, every two weeks there are written updates included into this post with more details.

The video quality is really annoying. We have tried literally every tool. Zoom.us is the most reliable one (the one above) but meet.jit.si records directly to Dropbox which is super convenient. This quest is not solved yet :slight_smile:

Here is last week’s update from the core dev team

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