Week #26 - Developers Update

Based on community feedback the “Product Coordinators Call” has been upgraded to “aeternity Development Update” weekly call. Happening every Friday 12 CET.

Written updates will be published here in the forum, including links to all mentioned development efforts.

Thank you everyone for participating. All future calls are happening here, questions are welcome https://meet.jit.si/aeternity-developers-update



way better quality this time!

@nikita-fuchs can you please write down the probably upcoming changes regarding the dryRun endpoint and which changes would need to be implemented by SDKs using that?

Hey all, this should be very simple and smooth:

For now, non-state changing functions (a.k.a. “reading data from the contract”) is performed through the /debug/dryrun endpoint. For safety reasons, it’s not recommended though to publicly expose the debugging endpoints.

That is why this endpoint will be cloned into another API group. For now, it will have the same functionality as the current dry-run endpoint. Later on, the old one will be used for actual debugging purposes, with features like a code debugger / stepper, etc.

The new one will be optimized for being exposed, people can also protect it with their own middleware, etc.

Important: Both APIs will coexist. No breaking changes. New projects / SDKs can/should simply hop onto the new one as soon as they can and that’s it.

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another comment regarding this update:

  • you talked about an easy way (probably a docker-compose) to start the whole software-stack (node, goggles, middleware, explorer)

I would really appreaciate that! =)