[weidex] JellySwap supports AE-ETH cross-chain atomic swaps on the mainnet

24 hours for now.

We can update the lock period to something more reasonable in the next version, but it is liek this for security reasons.

If the listener is dead or the Taker is malicious we should have some time to react.(do our withdraw/refund)

It should be reasonably symmetric, but no problem this time I was just testing it out :wink:


Let me know when you have a fix, I can try again tonight - with the same address :sweat_smile:

It cannnot be symmetric :wink:

Taker has the advanatage that he knows the secret for the hash.

LP has advantage of time.

Otherwise if the time is equal, the taker can withdraw LP’s funds and Refund almost at the same time.
(like double spending)

Second, if the taker is malicious he/she can place a lot of orders and have open positions for many hours ( good opportunity for arbitrage), but if he/she has short time window to withdraw and long period time penalty, then the taker has incentive to finalize the deal.

This is typical logic for classical OTC and traders have met this problems already - Counter Party Risk.

I am reasonably familiar with how it works, I’ve reviewed your AE contract…

Hence “reasonably symmetric” and not “symmetric” 1h(?) vs 24h is a bit too skewed at least while there are still bugs in there :stuck_out_tongue:


True that :wink:

Now it will be 4 hours agains 24, we will improve it soon :slight_smile:

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We have updated the AE <> ETH implementation.

It should work much much more faster, you can try one swap, Hans.

If it does not go in status click to withdraw for less than 5 minutes I will buy you couple of beers next time when we meet :wink:

Do you accept the challenge hah


The history should be working now.

You should be able to refund if 24 hours have past.

The app is improved and works much faster - your feedback is highly appreciated, Josh :wink:

I got the refund, thank you!
I opened a new tab in chrome and went to the jelly dapp dashboard. It has been over 24 hours now and like you said both swaps now showed me the refund button. I have clicked it and confirmed the call on metamask. It took about 30 minutes but I did get the refund back into my metamask. I was getting concerned because it took so long but maybe the ETH network was bogged down.

I noticed the 'speed up: button after I clicked refund, how does that work?

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Yes, ethereum network is slow some times, this 30 minutes were because of the network speed + low transaction fee I guess.

It is out of our control.

Speed up button is exactly for this to send the same transaction, but you can change the tx fee. For now you should change it manually from your wallet extension :wink:


Challenge accepted…

But you won, hands down, it was mere seconds from the Tx was accepted on Ethereum until I was offered to withdraw :slight_smile: :partying_face:

A new problem though, the failed swap from earlier today is in the swap history, but it says Click to Withdraw > Withdraw AE (being curious I tried it, but the call fails of course) it should probably say something like expired/wait for refund?!

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Thank you @hanssvensson.chain , I will still buy some beers for you super useful feedback :wink:

We know about this problem with the statuses and we are working hard on it.

It will be resolved tomorrow :wink:

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How is going the swapping??

Is there anything else, that we can do in order to improve the app, beside statuses and adding BTC-AE pair (we are working on that)?

Your ideas are highly appreciated.

It works well :slight_smile:

The status is still wrong as you mentioned but otherwise I’ve got nothing new to report.


Statuses update is done.
Now they are the following:
1 initiate swap, status - PENDING
2 your transaction is minted, status - IN PROGRESS
3 liquidity provider’s transaction is minted, status - CLICK TO WITHDRAW
4.1 if client withdraws in the next four hours, status - COMPLETED
4.2 if the client does not withdraw in the next four hours, status - FAILED
4.3 24 hours after initial swap transaction, status - EXPIRED (button click to refund available)
4.4 after click to refund button executed, status - Refunded


I’ve made a small video about jellySwap and “The fastest way to buy some AE tokens!”

You can check it here :wink:


How can I use my ae coins to provide liquidity to jelly swap?

I don’t think it’s possible yet, but coming soon

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@Josh.chainia is right :wink:

This option will be available soon!

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