Welcome you use AEASY

Welcome you use AEASY
AEasy.io is Convenient Aeternity Framework . AEasy quickly, conveniently realize Aeternity aaepp development

AEASY is based on rapid Aeternity block chain (non-profit development), to help developers implement aepp development work, developers do not need to close the block chain chain principle and implementation way, don’t even need the concept of block chain, can quickly stop the submitted data link, you can use AEASY is simple and convenient way of API calls to help you to complete the development work. Then quickly start your aepp development journey. Let’s help it out, let’s make Aeternity better,Each transaction in AEASY can be directly inquired through the node on the chain, following the principle of openness and transparency of the block chain

AEASY does the following
You can call common apis for nodes
But the implementation of data on the chain
User center can be provided with OAuth2 authentication to see quick login
Provides the payment API, quickly realizes the payment logic, achieves the profit goal
Create AEX9 TOKENS with one key
Deployment and use of predictive chicken (in development)
Publish tokens with one click

Are you ready? Let’s start the development journey


The chinese community is the largest and greatest has already developed several cool things like AEknow and aechina and aeasy etc.
by the way the Decentralizated chating room and Decentralizated blog is on the way.