WeTrue development and improvements - Final Report

Hello everyone

Let me summarize the final report on the development and development of WeTrue over the past year

App Title

WeTrue (V2.7.79 version)

App Description and Link to the Grant Application

WeTrue is a full ecological social platform, not just a social platform. Including posting, commenting, chat room, wallet, defi, dex…, based on aeternity blockchain, Sophia smart contract management.




  1. V2 core architecture upgrade (UI\Backend)
  2. Complete the UI development of the V2 home page framework
  3. Complete the UI development of the main post details page
  4. Complete personal page UI development
  5. Complete the wallet page UI development


  1. WeTrue will support Superhero primary Tips and comments
  2. October main functional development, WeTrue will support Superhero primary Tips and comments
  3. mapping mining
  4. Retrieval details and bug fixes


  1. chat room
  2. Superhero release Tips
  3. #topic
  4. Token migration smart contract
  5. Development of WeTrue Mdw
  6. Release IOS APP
  7. Multi-account management


  1. Blacklist
  2. AENS
  3. Deploy the portable Payload AEX9 and complete the WET migration at the same time
  4. Provide Chinese Dex for Chinese community

Summary of the Development with time report

Hundreds of commits over the past year, building V2 from scratch, ditching the old V1 architecture, encountered many challenges, but we all found the best solution. WeTrue has been loved by the community of users since its launch more than two years ago.

Every day, users post their lives, opinions, ideas, or some currency price information here, and that’s what we developed WeTrue for, isn’t it?

WeTrue is now more diversified. In addition to social development, we spend more time every day getting to know and helping ae users, which is also the joy of the WeTrue team’s perseverance…


  1. JS-SDK speed update too fast
  2. The additional information provided by ae_mdw is not rich enough


  1. Fast update means getting better and better, accept it calmly.
  2. In the past, there was a lack of important data provided by the ae_mdw api, such as AEX-9 related queries, websocket interruption, and lack of some AENS data. Of course these have been significantly improved since issues were submitted.


Feedback paths often confuse me, some need to jump to other places, some need to be on the forum, and some need to be on GitHub. We should need a more consistent channel.

What can be improved?

The major improvements to js-sdk are very detailed with each release update, while many other updates are not. Github aeternity/aeternity Updates to this library are always rolled up to a pinned page, which is a good idea. Maybe other libraries can do this too? What’s more important is to have one as detailed as js-sdk, which is very important for developers. For some user-oriented updates, we should have a highly unified channel, which is more convenient for users to obtain all aepp updates

Documentation and Video with links

This is the location of the source code, which is well documented

web: https://wetrue.io
Android App: WeTrue App Download
Ios App: WeTrue - Apple App Store

source code:

Contacts details for future questions of the community

In the AE community in any place I want to can contact with me, because I in any place, including the Telegram, Discord, QQ, WeChat, Email, forum.If the time difference is within the range of China, I will reply immediately. If the time difference is within the range of Europe, I will reply within 24 hours.

The above is the final report of WeTrue.
Later,Thanks to the friends of the foundation and the community


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