What Can the Huawei Debacle Teach Us About Centralization?

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I am so sad about that for so many reasons :frowning:

First, I really like my Huawei phone and I don’t want it to get obsolete and for me to be obliged to buy a new one.

Second, the whole behavior of the US government is super counterproductive - the world should be moving in another direction instead - towards more cooperation and less barriers, not only in trade but in all sectors and industries.

And Google used to market itself as an inclusive company, that cares for the benefit of the world as a whole. The one that invests its enormous resources in the public good. I don’t remember another case of it being so publicly submissive to the wishes of the man in the White House.

I am sure Huawei is a company with great resources but it shouldn’t be forced to produce every single piece of its devices itself. And the destiny of such established market players, and whole industries for that matter, should not be decided by one single person.

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Most foreigners only know the fantastic products of Huawei, but that’s only one part of this company. I don’t know whether Huawei phones upload users’ pravite information for Chinese government, but I’m sure Huawei stolen many internet communication infrastructure technologies from western companies and further developed to the top under the protection of Chinese government. Western world have tolerated that for many years. Huawei is considered even having fiancial relationship with the government, they can get much money and expand their business all over the world, there are convincing oral statements made by people working in the same industry to prove that. Those behaviors against the rules of free market. As Huawei grows, this kind of development will take over the whole world. More importantly, Chinese government grows every part of high technologies in such way, Western should be careful.


One of the main reasons why you can access base.aepps.com as an progressive web-app is to avoid censorship from app stores and tech giants.


I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but why do you think so? I’ve never heard of this

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some information about China is very hard to check, but tech-steal is undoubtful true. There are evidence that point out Huawei even have stolen products without changing their instruction books and sale them to the international market.

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你有什么凭证吗?不要张嘴就叽叽哇哇的诋毁华为,华为每年 的技术投入在国际上也是顶部的。




选择区块链的初衷即使如此,政府干预的支持者,对于区块链基本不屑一顾,竞争是否公平不在于谁强谁弱 而在于对于公权力而言的地位以及市场准入等方面是否平等,aeternity之前的宣言说的重要一条就是机会平等。


thanks for the info, I’ll check the news about it

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