What can we do on æternity blockchain? speak out you ideas


Ae is a rising star of public blockchain, how can ae catch up with the world famous public chains such as eth neo qtum eos?
In the future, the development of aeternity need the three carriages: technological development, ecosystem construction and expansion of the community.
Cuckoo cycle work proved that combine security and decentralization, state channel performance boost,oracle inside achieve information exchange between on and off chain, pos make stock person can have a voice.
The public chain is the future technology, rapid development, new and old alternates, the time left to ae is very precious.
As a member of the ae community, say what you think.
What would you most want to do in aeternity blockchain?


Now that PGP might be rife for replacement as the default email encryption mechanism (https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/14/researchers-warn-of-critical-flaw-affecting-pgp-and-s-mime/?utm_medium=TCnewsletter), how about a new design that uses æternity for secure and trusted distribution of public encryption keys? The first-class citizen Oracles makes æternity most suited for interfacing with external systems like that.


Here are some of the use cases that the team has mentioned or community members have mentioned.

  • Insurance for farmers etc. determined by weather sensor oracles.

  • Transfer of digital assets upon death of their owner

  • Paying for movies by the frame

  • Micropayments for using faster incentivized Tor network

  • Betting on sports events, elections or anything an oracle can answer

  • Providing services to the unbanked, sub-tokens, store of value etc. In other words the functions that Ethereum can do except Aeternity will be more efficient and easier to use

  • Carbon offset payments tied directly to sensors measuring a factory’s emissions


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