What happened with the teams from the first Starfleet batch?

It is great that you guys are organizing a second edition of Starfleet, but what happened with the teams that got funding in the first part?

When will they deliver aepps on aeternity? Wasn’t that the goal?

Ofcourse they are. All of them are working on development, you have all them here in the forum (this section… look for AMPnet, UTU, YAIR, TRADEX etc). They have been posting regular updates. They just got pushed a bit down from the new activity.

For example :


and a blogpost from january with all teams updated :slight_smile:

Everything is on the forum or on our blog. Development takes time but they are making impressive progress (watch this space for some epic announcements in the next month or so)


Great, thanks! Looking forward to actual aepps! :slight_smile: