What were the highlights of Tito's AMA on Telegram about WeiDex and Jelly Swap?

One piece of big news is that jelly swap or WeiDex is working to develop a stablecoin for AE. Or working with other teams to do so. AES.


Are there any specific details?

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Seems early stage. In the stablecoin thread linked below @tima_t proposed backing it with DAI
Stable coins on AE?

Thanks for sharing @Josh.chain. Our version of stable coin will be backed by DAI and will use JellySwap as core part.

  • It will be a pool of DAI and AES in JellySwap.
  • The amount of DAI in the pool will be at least equal to the amount of circulating AES.
  • At any time AES holders will be able to move from DAI<>AES and vice versa.
  • DAO will be able to mint new AES if they lock DAI in the DAI<>AES pool.

We will try to release a paper on this in the following weeks.

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Hey everyone,

Here’s the summary of the AMA:

@tima_t please let me know if there are any inaccuracies.


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AES… could be named DAE :wink:

I am not sure about this :slight_smile: