What's wrong with this microblock?

this micro block prev-hash is

kh_2qPxqXb2cNc49C3JGRh5uUvDvt6LGEeT54fv3khWjCU7txFCZ6 //13765

but also 13766’s prev-hash is the same to this micro block
And 13765 has not any micro block
Is aeternity has uncle blocks too?


It seems that the microblock is an orphan microblock, and its transactions was moved to another microblock:https://www.aeknow.org/block/microblock/mh_CvYGCe2D7kTv6wwRVw2cYnAjFwAeZ3AmzYrinZQWF3m2LD6Ki


Just come here to check if you have solved your issue? For the Pow it is possible to come up an orphan microblock.