When mainnet ~~~~I0000


too slow!~~ COME ON ,GUYS!


Hey @AeternityMoon,

The best place to follow our progress is the Pivotal Tracker.

Our developers are aiming at delivering the best product possible even if we get there a little bit later than previously anticipated.

Thank you for your support,
The AE Team


Ae team should have its own plan for the mainnet, rather than making sure as the code progresses! If you have a problem with a delay, you should work overtime to fix it, not to postpone it !!


you just call that a little bit? damn you. almost delay for half year, shame on you


almost delay for half year, shame on you


Roadmap will be updated soon, please be patient, thank you.
For the reason has mentioned several times that as the Bitcoin-NG function, FYI.