Why you should not built on AE now


Most of AE holders are holding etheruem token, only 30% real AE users available. There is no where to buy AE mainnet currency for now.

So there will not be enough users and capital in AE ecosystem in 2019, you should not choose AE to built your application.

You should wait until 2020, When there be more users and money in AE ecosystem.


This is known as a fake truth fallacy.

It’s like me saying “The sky is blue, the sun comes up at day time, xiahui135 is a horse.”

Just because you say two 1 fact that doesn’t automatically mean the other one is also a fact, nor that what you predict is true.

if you really want the coin to be used burning it like this, in a forum made for the coin is not an smart move, but then again, perhaps it is the only move you could make?


Because of lacking users and money, AE’s ecosystem will delay another year.

Why developers choose BTC or ETH to ICO, and develop DAPP? because there are more users and money there.

AE now have only 30% of its users and money on mainnet, 70% is in ETH ecosystem. If you develop a DAPP, how can you survive to attract users? If you can, then you develop upon ETH, you can attract more.

AE should have annouce a date to lunch the mainet. For example, december 1st to lunch the mainnet, and all token should migrate or frozen.


What really makes things worse is that, other crytocurrency like ETH and ADA will make huge update in 2019. AE lack business sense, this make AE lost another year.
Hope there is still opportunity for AE in 2020.


You angry or not, I just list the truth.
For users it is hard to get real AE coin, most of the AE holders hold ERC20 now.
This lead to lacking of real users of DAPPs. It is easy to fail for a developer if he built on AE.


I cannot agree with all the points @xiahui135 but what is called a mainnet now should not have been released.

“All software has bugs blablabla”. Yes it does. Obviously securing the network doesn’t carry as much incentive as pre-mainnet claculations have shown. My own pen and paper computed part of the total hashrate along with current value would mean I am barely able to cover my power cost.

That won’t secure the network. That and the overwritten Blocks issue. Miners will run if this remains so.

A relaunch should happen. The governance process might help here - but if the miners that put in time and resources never received a Bock reward, how can they voice their vote on-chain governance process ? They can’.t


I am not angry, I like truth. and you have so far only told 1 truth out of 4 things you said.


Yeah, I remember i said it was too early to launch, but i guess i was ignored.


Regarding the 30% of AE tokens being migrated - we can not force people to do so. We can only guide them and help them. Keep in mind that this had been just phase0 of the tokens migration and more users will be able to migrate in phase1. What we aim is proving to them that the network indeed is secure so they can flood in.


AE will be fine :slight_smile: I see AE as the only competitor to ethereum for smart contracts. Better to have a stable and slowly growing new coin than a fluke like EOS or TRON.


AE think they are make functions like smart contract , Oracle. But currency is the core of a crypto currency. If the crypto currency system is not good, all app built with smart contract and Oracle will not have users!

People will abandon the bad crypto currency, so the app built on it will have fewer users and income than built on other currency. Why foreign companies come to China market, because there is much money and many users there. Crypto currency is also a small economic society.

I find ADA is much better. They have no smart contract and state channel yet, but they have a good crypto currency. If there is users and money there, tech will not be a problem.


Ok, now I know you are looking at it all wrong.

basically you are saying if you buy a car, a cheap car, that can transport you. It has value… and that the tech will have no problem to make it a super car. Well, allow me to burst your bubble, this is not how it works.

If you want to make a super car, you start by making the engine, a super fast efficient engine. Then you work on the tires, to get enough traction for it to be able to move, and then direction. But if you focus only on it moving from the get go you will have to make a complete new engine and it may not even fit in the car you already got.

As I said, I don’t feel this is a mainnet because it is not doing anything yet. Is like purchasing a seed and saying the genes in it are really good. Well, until it grows into a tree there is nothing we can do with it.

But you are litearlly saying you can get a chair, which is functional, and you can make it into a tree, or even better, a different tree, bigger, and it can grow from there. Like… no, it won’t.


What IS a good cryptocurrency in your eyes? What does it need to be like ?


Crypto is useless without it being programmable, scalable and decentralized.

AE doesn’t compromise on all the three aspect. Thats why it is different from others and will be great platform in the future. That is my opinion.

And smart contracts in state channels is maybe one of the best way there is at the moment, before sharding becomes a reality.

So no, you are wrong, ae will be cool. To me it is the only platform that operates with developers in mind :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support @ugran!
It’s true, we really believe that it’s essential for a blockchain platform to be scalable, secure and decentralized at the same time.



Interesting thoughts here. Thanks.


yes, I just saw the weakness of AE operation.

AE did not spend enough time on Mining fairness. Only a small group of people are prepared for the mainnet alive and they earned much. Unlike Grin, the fairness is the most important, pools and mining tools are prepared before mainnet lunch.

And AE could have a better migration plan. Only 30% token migrated, means only 30% users and money on mainnet. This is killing AE dapp ecosystem. The Dapp ecosystem need large user base and large market cap to attract developers. And more developers, will bring more users too.


How are you fixing this with the trilemma blockchain problem, especially under POW?
If you increase scalability you reduce either secureness or decentralization or both of course.
If you increase security you reduce either scalability or decentralization or both,
If you increase decentralization you again reduce scalability…

Or just short, everything has it’s price…


About mining fairness. My personal opinion is that there is NO mining fairness in POW mining anyway. Where is the fairness if one mining facility in china inner mongolia for example has access to low cost electricity at 2 cents per kw/h and the german private miner for example pays 35 cents per kw/h? Sorry, but i fail to see how POW mining can be fair.
Actually POW mining is over short and long just leading to absolute geographical mining centralization, leave alone the chinese mining pools that control the whole hashrate anyway by now.

About the migration, i have been victim on several coins that had a very short migration time and lost my holdings, so from my personal point of view a long migration period is good for most users and holders. Sure, it has it’s downsides and maybe indeed a whole year is too long, agreed. Just my 2 aeternities…


Hey @boxalex,

æternity achieves scalability and security thanks to the state channels integrated in Layer 1 of its core. At the same time, the æternity blockchain remains decentralized thanks to the Bitcoin-NG consensus algorithm. We believe that the true decentralization is the single most important feature of a blockchain.

You can read more about Bitcoin-NG here.