[YAIR] Your Art Is Reality Project (Tokenizing Digital Art)


Hi All, I am Rufus from YAIR…

We participated in Starfleet Incubator 2018, and were one of the lucky few selected to receive funding and support from Aeternity.

We are building a platform for Digital Art, which is in the form of curated, high end, contemporary Art Collection. You can co-own, access and trade digital art via tokens on our platform.

Artworks are embodied by tokens supplies, generated via an ongoing series of Initial Artwork Offerings. Each token in an artwork supply is an access key to decrypt and view artwork files stored on IPFS, and each token is an equity portion of the ownership of the artworks.

The artworks themselves are digital artworks produced by established artists, such as Wu JueHui, Robert Montgomery, Maria Marshal and Julius Von Bismarck. They range from video artworks, to VR experiences. We consider digital art to be any artwork that is ultimately expressed as digital files.

Since we began with Starfleet we have been on a long learning process and Aeternity have provided needed guidance along the way.

Right now we are transitioning from our initial plan to run with a utility token, to being a fully regulated Security Token Offering in the German legal jurisdiction. This has been a deep learning process also and maybe we can offer guidance for others considering this option.

Learn more about us at www.yair.art

If you want to get deeper into the weeds, ask me some questions and if you are feeling geeky and bold ask for the whitepaper.

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Great! Thanks for the introduction and update. We’re looking forward to read more updates about the project!


Hey @RuFussed,

Thank you so much for introducing YAIR here, I am sure that many more projects will be inspired by your work and your experience as a Starfleet-funded startup.

We have been very excited about YAIR since the start of the first Starfleet program and it’s great to get updates from you here.

Keep up the good work!

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Hi, I find it very interesting, do you have a Whitepaper?


Hey @Manel, I think they don’t have a whitepaper, but @RuFussed can tell us more - please give us some more details :slight_smile:



Hi Manel, thanks for asking. Here is the link to the whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HgHzuPqIalvk8NlAgwaR2sA3d1SUdBxmgfl_gx9Uw5c/edit#heading=h.q1wqvj3uhjvl