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Protocol Features & Updates

Digging deeper into æternity blockchain’s protocol build in Erlang? Find out how æternity blockchain became the most scalable real blockchain in existence. Erlang is the language which powers the Internet.


Launch an æternity hyperchain. Coming soon to æternity! …

Sophia Smart Contract Development

Sophia is a smart contract language that was designed to write safer code. It is a functional Ocaml-like language which syntax most resembling that of Reason. Any questions or comments?

æpp Development

Discuss æternity’s decentralized æpps! Start a new topic with your question or join an existing one!

Superhero Development

Follow and engage in the development of
Open-source social wallet with names and more!

PoW Mining AE

Any questions or comments about mining? Share them here!

aeternity Foundation

The æternity Foundation (AF) is a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to support open source development of the aeternity protocol and its surrounding ecosystems. With focus on Deep Tech and blockchain technology, the organization is committed to promote technical excellence and user-friendly applications.

Bounties & Contests

Find information about all currently running and completed bounties/contests here!

Meetups and Hæckathons

This is the new place for all meetups. Please post meetups at least one week before it will take place, if possible.

Events and Conferences

In case there are æternity-related talks or workshops on a general conferences or events, please post here! We are here to support you! Many æternity member go frequently to events and conferences, whether crypto-related or not. Blockchain can be applied everywhere!


Buy and sell anything for AE

中文版区 (CN)

A special place for æternity’s Chinese community.此版区为中文版区,专为中国社区设置。

Русский (RU)

Добро пожаловать на русскоязычный форум aeternity! Здесь вы найдёте всю необходимую информацию о миграции токенов, майнинге, новых проектах команды и сможете поделиться своим опытом с нами!

Español (ES)

Este es el hogar de todas las noticias en español y de las sugerencias e ideas que provienen de la comunidad hispana.

Introduce Yourself

Tell us more about yourself. What keeps you awake at night, what is your passion and why are you interested in æternity?